To develop safe and effective new drugs for treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases for which there are currently limited treatment options, using our disruptive, high-throughput drug development technology and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Deep Learning (AL/ML/DL) which together are transformative in the drug development industry.


Focusing on the best interests of the patients we serve, we commit to:
• Honesty and integrity in all that we do.
• Scientific rigor and continuous innovation.
• Create benefits for patients in need and value for our shareholders.
• An attractive work environment that stimulates and rewards collegiality, creativity, and disciplined productivity.
• Business principles and practices that prioritize accessibility to our drugs.


Discovering a new therapeutic drug is a long, expensive and challenging process, with a high and increasing failure rate. Hence, there is a lack of effective therapies for many diseases, including but not limited to numerous cancers, stroke, neurodegenerative diseases and certain infectious diseases. Many diseases (including cancers and other conditions) are heterogeneous and dynamic, and hence they are or become resistant to drugs that act on a singular target.


Soley Therapeutics has taken an orthogonal approach to discovering new drugs by developing a technology platform to measure how cells respond multi-dimensionally in response to drugs. We have developed a novel platform for high-content phenotypic drug screening, where the drug effect on a cell can be visualized via molecular-microscopic images and analyzed by using sophisticated AI tools.

Soley’s technology that interrogates molecular-cell systems biology yields new and effective therapeutics at unprecedented speed and cost effectiveness. The platform is applicable to multiple diseases and therapeutic mechanisms and the approach does not require genetic manipulation of cells to create an artificial phenotype, or mass data creation for AI-analysis to generate meaningful results. Soley’s approach is novel and non-traditional.