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Cells Are Our Guiding Light

Our proprietary approach uses cellular stress signals to enable an unprecedented ability to discover novel therapeutics.

Why can cancer cells thrive under harsh conditions, while brain and heart muscle cells begin to die within minutes of exposure to low oxygen and nutrients? These cells exhibit similar responses to the same stimuli, yet they meet completely different fates.

Group 392@2x

Cancer Cells Become stronger, more aggressive, therapy-resistant, and potentially metastatic.

Group 393@2x

Cardiomyocytes, among other cells, become dysfunctional, and require revascularization to avoid death.

Decoding Cellular Language

Cells are the most powerful computers ever created. Over billions of years of evolution, cells from vastly different organisms have learned to adapt and respond to their environment in a remarkably similar fashion. 

By pinpointing and interpreting these commonalities, we begin to decode the language of cells. Through our founding research, we have defined and validated a common Cellular Language across an array of diseases. As we become more fluent in this Cellular Language, we are able to prognosticate cell fate with unprecedented proficiency.

Catalyzing Discovery With the Power of AI/ML

We harness the computing power of cells as sensors, and augment human intelligence with AI/ML to effectively and efficiently discover and develop drugs.

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