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Soley Evaluation Platform

Proprietary Platform to Decode the Cellular Language for Efficient Drug Discovery

We Have Questions. Cells Hold the Answers.

As cells sense their environment, they display global cellular responses as feature-rich images known as Cellular Language. Our proprietary platform allows us to decode Cellular Language, enabling unprecedented application of anticipatory biology to evaluate molecules and predict cell fate.

Soley Evaluation Platform

Proprietary, validated, high-throughput: >100K molecules evaluated weekly

Cellular Sensing & Anticipatory Biology

Cells Sense Molecules & Forecast Future Outcomes

Breakthrough Productivity

Discovered three lead series of compounds in 14 months

We have established a growing pipeline for both oncological and non-oncological implications backed by reproducible, high-quality data.

Revolutionizing Drug Discovery

Graded Cellular Language correlates with clinical disease severity. Our proprietary platform technology transcends the capabilities of cell painting. Our highly sensitive, mechanistically driven process allows us to track and monitor hundreds of proteins and their movements. 

This enables our nuanced modulation toward cell death vs. rejuvenation, which spotlights potential drug candidates.

Published Example of Dynamic Cellular Stress Biomarker:

Direct Cells Toward Increased Stress

(oncology and infectious disease applications)

Group 332
Group 33211
image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4
image 5
image 6
Group 333
Group 33311

Direct Cells Toward Decreased Stress

(neurodegenerative, muscular dystrophy and numerous other applications)

Soley has demonstrated in-vitro/in-vivo correlations in the following diseases:



Tauopathy and other
neurodegenerative disorders

Muscular dystrophy

Myocardial infarction
and stroke


Rooted in Science. Scaling with Tech.

While cells speak for themselves, we use the power of AI/ML to augment human intelligence and understanding of Cellular Language at every stage of the drug discovery and development process. Using our established AI/ML infrastructure, we are able to generate our own high-quality, reproducible data, exponentially furthering productivity. 

Our Science

Our work revolves around the notion that cells are the most powerful computers ever created. Our scientific process, combined with the power of AI/ML, help us gain fluency in this cellular language and revolutionize drug discovery.


Soley Therapeutics is unveiling multiple near-term value catalysts across biopharma and tech arms.

Sheila Gujrathi, M.D.

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Leo Grady, PhD

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Antoine Yver, MD

Dan Von Hoff, MD

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